30 November 2023, 9:47am

Today the Economy and Infrastructure Committee will table its 2023 report into the Industrial Hemp Industry in Victoria.   

The parliamentary inquiry, which was brought forward by Legalise Cannabis MP Rachel Payne in May this year, examined the issues, barriers and opportunities facing the current Victorian industrial hemp industry.  

The inquiry process heard from a range of experts and stakeholders in the agricultural, scientific, building, planning and infrastructure sectors. Today the results from that process will be tabled in the Legislative Council.   

Legalise Cannabis Victoria said that the report’s recommendations have three key themes  

1. A viable Victorian hemp industry won’t cost a lot of money and is achievable.  

2. When it comes to hemp investment, reducing the stigma of hemp through meaningful legislative reform is key to improving the attitudes of both local government and investors.  

3.The Victorian Government has an opportunity to advocate for hemp at a national level

With an estimated global value of $4.9 billion dollars, hemp has the potential to guarantee more jobs in our regions, increase Victorian export earnings and substantially reduce state-wide carbon emissions.  

As well as hemp being a sustainable and viable option for fiber pulp, paper products, food and clothing, hemp bricks and hemp blocks are now used as world-class building and insulation materials.  

Legalise Cannabis Victoria welcome the findings and recommendations of this report and encourages the Allan Labor Government to wholeheartedly consider what hemp could do for our state.   

Quotes attributable to Legalise Cannabis Victoria MP, Rachel Payne:  

My inquiry has set out a clear path to build the hemp industry in Victoria. For too long this sustainable fibre has been neglected and overlooked for less versatile crops.  

Whether it’s to build houses, make food, or capture carbon, the whole of hemp can be used – but we need the Government to address barriers such as planning laws and procurement policies. 

I am excited to see what levers the state government has got in its toolbox to get the hemp industry where it really should be.

Rachel Payne is available for comment.


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