It’s time to legalise cannabis. It’s time to change the laws so that Australian adults can responsibly possess and grow small quantities of cannabis at home without fear of persecution.

It’s time to end a prohibition that has not succeeded in denting demand or supply. It’s time the 36% of Australians who have accessed this plant were not classed as criminals.

Why should we legalise cannabis? Here a few simple answers:

  • Because this important change will reduce harm across the community, particularly for young people and First Nations and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.
  • Because this important change will save money by reducing the costs of law enforcement.
  • Because this important change will promote consumer safety by taking cannabis off the black market and out of the hands of crime syndicates.
  • Because it’s time Australia reaped the economic and social benefits of lawful cannabis consumption.

A majority of ordinary Australians support a regulated cannabis market where adults who consume cannabis are treated as adults – not criminals. Cannabis is already lawful in the Australian Capital Territory. It’s now time for the rest of Australia to catch up and to get in step with community sentiment!

Most leading economies around the world agree: there is a safer way of regulating cannabis. That is why the Legalise Cannabis Party has introduced Bills in the state parliaments of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia to make this legislative change.

And soon the Victorian Parliament is going to debate the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Regulation of Personal Adult Use of Cannabis) Bill which will:

  • Allow adult personal possession of small quantities of cannabis;
  • Allow adults to grow up to six cannabis plants at home;
  • Allow adult consumption of cannabis (but not in a public place);
  • Allow adults to gift a small quantity of cannabis; and
  • Prevent children under the age of 18 from accessing cannabis.

But to secure this change, we need loud voices of support.

Throw your support behind this modern approach to cannabis regulation. It will reduce harm, save money and align our cannabis laws with community opinion and the modern approach globally.

Send your Premier a direct email of support to make change happen now.

It’s time. 

The simple answer is – it’s time.

Prohibiting cannabis use has failed miserably. Despite decades of prohibition and the use of criminal sanctions, anyone can get their hands on illicit cannabis. Criminals rake in billions of dollars from sales of illicit cannabis whilst our governments spend tens of millions enforcing prohibition – money which the state could be investing in our communities. Cannabis is extremely popular amongst Australians and is enjoyed by people of all professions and all walks of life.

Maybe the better question is why was it made illegal in the first place?

A lot actually.

It is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia and the third most commonly used drug after alcohol and tobacco.

According to the most recent government health survey, conservatively, eight million adults have used cannabis at least once and more than 11% of Australians use it regularly. About 2.4 million Australians regularly use cannabis today.

Our bill simply allows adults to:

  • Use cannabis in a private place,
  • Possess up to 50 grams in a public place (about a cup full),
  • Grow six plants at home

Share small amounts of cannabis with friends and people they care for.

It is quite similar to the model in the ACT but with a few differences.

The ACT does not allow for people to share with friends and people they care for. This means that anyone who consumes cannabis and can’t grow at home has to interact with the illicit market.

It is impossible to legally obtain seeds in the ACT. Under our Bill they can be shared.

The ACT only allows two plants to be grown at home and they must be grown outside. We believe that growing six plants is more reasonable and realistic. We also do not restrict growing to outside recognising that many people may not be able to grow outside because of the weather or where they live.

No people will have to consume it in a private place.

It would significantly reduce the burden on the criminal justice system.

In 2020-21 nearly 60,000 cannabis users were arrested in Australia!

About a third of all charges heard in the Magistrates Court are for the possession of a drug. Cannabis accounts for nearly half of these charges.

In 2020–21, cannabis accounted for 52% of all national drug seizures.

In 2019-20, nearly half of all drug-related arrests (47 per cent) were for cannabis.

By removing personal cannabis use-related offences from the equation, law enforcement can focus on more serious crimes, and we can redirect resources towards more pressing issues.

As we said, cannabis is very popular in Australia with over 2.4 million people regularly consuming it.

It is estimated that Australians spend about $14 billion dollars a year on cannabis. That money goes into the hands of criminals.

Allowing adults to grow their own and share with friends and those they care for, will definitely make a big dent in the illegal market.

Yes! 78% of Australians believe that cannabis use and possession should not be a crime and every year that number increases.

This reflects a growing understanding of the potential benefits of law reform and a recognition that current policies are not effectively addressing the issue.

While we continue to advocate for changes to the roadside drug testing regime, our bill will not change the law in relation to cannabis and driving.

The ACT found that after changing their laws there was no increase in road accidents involving cannabis use.

This is an important question and one lots of people are concerned about.

The most recent clinical research published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, “ Influence of Cannabis Use on Incidence of Psychosis in People at Clinical High Risk”,  concluded that there is no significant association between cannabis use and psychosis. 

And when it is not illegal we can invest in better education about cannabis and any cannabis related harms.

In all of the countries where cannabis use is legally allowed there has not been an increase in the number of people who use it.

Public health messaging is much easier because people can be honest about their use. This will mean better outcomes for the millions of Australians who currently consume cannabis.

Can you send the Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan an email with your support for change?

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