An ancient crop and a key to our future.

From textiles to rope, food and oil, bioplastics, construction materials, fibre panels, insulation, animal fodder and biofuel – hemp has been around for thousands of years and boasts a multitude of useful applications in our everyday lives.

Fast-growing and relatively pest-resistant, hemp also boasts some impressive environmental credentials – it can even protect our skin by naturally filtering UV light!

It is also an excellent crop for carbon sequestration, and can be used to make a durable, non-toxic building material called hempcrete that continues to absorb carbon dioxide as it cures!

Sadly, over the last century, the societal and economic benefits from propagating this wondrous plant have been stifled due to stigma and subsequent lack of investment.

Let’s sow the seeds for Victoria’s future

With many parts of Victoria offering the ideal conditions for hemp farming, and growing global interest for products made from hemp, the economic potential for hemp farming and manufacturing in Victoria is seemingly, exponential.  

Keen to see the hemp economy grow in Victoria? Sign up to support Rachel’s motion, today! 

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