20th February 2024 13:19
Victorian Legislative Council, Melbourne

RACHEL PAYNE — To move —

That this House notes that —

(1)          Medicinal cannabis products are not subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), this means that patients must pay the full cost for their medication.

(2)          The average patient pays roughly $300 per month for their prescription, but costs can be up to $4000 depending on dosage, the patient’s condition and the required product.

(3)          These costs are increasingly prohibitive for many people experiencing cost of living pressure.

(4)          The cost burden of a medicinal cannabis prescription forces people to go without their prescribed medication or turn to the illicit market.

(4)          Calls on the Government to acknowledge that cost remains a significant barrier to access for medicinal cannabis patients and to advocate their federal counterparts for the inclusion of medicinal cannabis on the PBS.


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