8th of February 2024, 10:03 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

In an online article published today, Thursday 8th February, Nine News has suggested that the two Legalise Cannabis MPs and four Liberals in the Victorian Upper House “flew to Phuket to investigate after Thailand relaxed its cannabis laws.”

To the degree that this report suggests Legalise Cannabis MPs Rachel Payne and David Ettershank flew to Phuket with four members of liberal party, this assertion is categorically denied. 

The Legalise Cannabis MPs take obligations for reporting on travel seriously.

Since beginning their first term in the Victorian Parliament 12-months ago, Rachel Payne MP and David Ettershank MP have not made a single travel claim on the Victorian purse. 

Quotes attributable to Legalise Cannabis Victoria MP, David Ettershank:

Legalise Cannabis Vic is delighted to see members of the opposition informing themselves on the important social issue of cannabis reform. However, any suggestion that these MPs were accompanied by us is wrong.

Since commencing our first term in parliament only 12-months ago Rachel Payne and I have made no claims on travel, and we would like Nine News to revoke these statements immediately. 


*9 News have since removed the claim and issued an apology.*

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