03rd October 2023
Victorian Legislative Council, Melbourne
Rachel Payne,
(Member for South-Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne

To ask the Minister for Mental Health (for the Minister for Health): 

In relation to the tobacco regulations:

(1)  Will the Government release the Illicit Tobacco Review report commissioned by the Government in 2021 and undertaken by Better Regulation Victoria.

(2)  How many stores were certified as specialists tobacconists or vaping specialist in Victoria as at 3 October 2023.

(3)  Of the certified stores identified in paragraph (2) how many are based in the —

(a)  Western Metropolitan Region; and

(b)  South-Eastern Metropolitan Region.

(4)  How much tobacco was sold in Victoria in the 2022-23 financial year.

(5)  How many doctors were approved nicotine providers in Victoria as at 3 October 2023.

(6)  What steps is the Government taking to enforce vaping and tobacco regulations.

Written Answer
Received: 06 December 2023
Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas MP
(Minister for Health, Minister for Health Infrastructure, Minister for Ambulance Services)

The Victorian Government is committed to taking action to address the sale of illicit tobacco. The Government has also been pushing for a national approach to strengthening the regulation of tobacco and e-cigarettes for several years – and we welcome the Commonwealth’s decision to introduce some of the toughest vaping laws in the world.

The importation of illicit tobacco is prohibited. This prohibition is enforced by the Australian Border Force. The sale of illicit tobacco products is prohibited. This prohibition is enforced by law enforcement agencies, including the Illicit Tobacco Taskforce and Victoria Police. 

There are 116 certified specialist tobacconist and 10 certified specialist e-cigarette retail premises under the Tobacco Act 1987 in Victoria currently.

Location (by Department of Health Region and Local Government Area)# of current certified specialist tobacconists# of current certified specialist e-cigarette retail premises  
West Region344
South Region243
North Region302
East Region281
Victorian Total11610

The Victorian Government does not collect data on tobacco sales and the Commonwealth Government does not publish tobacco excise data by state or territory.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration lists approved nicotine prescribers located in Victoria on their website at https://www.tga.gov.au/resources/resource/guidance/authorised-prescribers-unapproved-nicotine-vaping-products

Victoria has strict laws regulating the sale and supply of tobacco products and e-cigarette products.

It is illegal for tobacco products and e-cigarette products to be sold to anyone under 18. Laws around the sale, display and use of tobacco products are enforced by local councils.

It is illegal for businesses other than pharmacies to sell liquid nicotine and e-cigarette products containing nicotine in Victoria. Laws around the illicit sale of nicotine are enforced by Victoria Police who can seize illegal products and issue fines.

The Illicit Tobacco Review Report was provided to the former Minister for Regulatory Reform and is being considered by the Government.


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